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Granular (50 Lb Bags)

Soil Conditioner (0-0-0)

An organic soil amendment for use on any turf, ornamentals or crops with the highest content of organic matter (stable carbon) and humic acid of all granular products offered. This is an OMRI Approved product. Granular: 50 lb bags.

Bio-Basics (0-5-0)

A blend of soft rock phosphate with humic shale ore for calcium and phosphorus deficiencies and as a pre-plant soil conditioner especially suited for natives, cactus and succulents, as well as all types of plantings. Granular: 50 lb bags

Iron 10 (5-0-0)

Designed for all turf types and ornamentals for excellent green up with long lasting color and the promotion of overall plant health. This product contains 10% citrate chelated iron. Granular: 50 lb bags


A combination of fast and slow release nitrogen for long lasting effects for turf and ornamentals with iron for additional green up. Granular: 50 lb bags

Liquid (2.5 Gal Jugs)

Crop Thruster (1-0-0)

A bio-stimulant containing micronutrients with immediate absorption, for spray application to correct deficiencies and aid in the uptake of plant protection products or other nutrients. Liquids: 2.5 gal jugs

Great 8 (1-0-0)

A liquid soil conditioner containing humic acid with sea kelp for soil applications for any plant types for overall improvement of plant health and appearance. Liquids: 2.5 gal jugs

Tree & Shrub (5-10-10)

For foliar, drench or root injection applications on turf and ornamentals with an emphasis on woody plants (trees and shrubs). Liquids: 2.5 gal jugs

Emerald Green (8-4-8)

For all turf and ornamental applications for optimum green up. Works as a great rotational product on turf with the Tree & Shrub (5-10-10). Liquids: 2.5 gal jugs