Product Background

The foundation of the products is twofold, first is stable carbon and second is humic acid and its derivatives. Both are found to naturally occur in deposits of humic shale ore in various geographic areas. Deposits do differ in quality and are not all the same. JPW Fertilizer provides products from the highest quality deposit for both human and plant needs.

Benefits these products provide are complete nutrition for plants, while also feeding the soil's indigenous microbiology. The basis of this process is the stable carbon, which improves the carbon:nitrogen ratio, which tends to be very low to non-existent in most western soils.

Humic shale ore is naturally occurring, being formed by the decomposition of different forest types over the course of millions of years under anerobic conditions. The product, which is mined, formed under a cap of rock, which prevented salting out from the incursion of the ocean. Many of the other deposits were not protected and can contain high levels of salts.

Granular products are either humic shale ore (OMRI approved) or the ore plus added fertilizers, that are chelated by the ore. The liquids are based on humic acid and its derivatives combined with amino acids for the best chelation possible, with complete plant availability.

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Site analysis, including:

  • pre-plant recommendations
  • plant selection
  • plant health problems
  • plan take off for product recommendations

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